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Manager’s Notes, September 2017

SEPTEMBER 2017    MANAGER NOTES The heat this summer has been impressive; my goodness, it seemed like we only had a few days below 90 degrees, and many above the century mark.   I went to the opening night of CHS football and, it was over 100 at kickoff for the JV team. We are definitely looking […]

Manager’s Notes, March 2017

MARCH 2017    MANAGER NOTES This wet weather season has really kept us moving!   Heavy rains can create a lot of stress to manage the water and keep it flowing to the right places within the wastewater treatment system.   This is true at our homes and in the community too.   The San Andreas Creek was flowing […]

Manager’s Notes, November 2016

NOVEMBER 2016    MANAGER NOTES What a great start to Fall!  The October rains came and give us hope for a wet winter season and the replenishment of our local reservoirs and groundwater.  The onslaught of rainy weather and cold weather also brings a busy time here at the Sanitary District as we prepare for high […]

September 2016

SEPTEMBER 2016    MANAGER NOTES While we all like to enjoy summer time vacation, we’ve also had a busy summer around the treatment plant with dry-weather projects.   We had an ambitious list of work to get the plant ready for our winter discharge season, and the fellas exceeded all our expectations.   They completed all the work […]

July 2016

Quality of Life and Hidden Assets July 2016 What’s it take to enjoy a quality life in San Andreas?  We probably all share similar ideas, like family time to celebrate life events, elbow room for privacy, educational opportunities for our kids, a good AC or swamp cooler to beat the heat, and a strong sense […]

December 2015

SASD News        December 2015 Elementary School Outreach This fall, the District enjoyed hosting the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from the Elementary School.  During a classroom visit, we taught about the importance of wastewater treatment to the community.  About 110 kids came out to the plant for a tour of the Laboratory, […]