SASD Wastewater Collection System

San Andreas Sanitary District

Wastewater Collection System


San Andreas Sanitary District maintains some 98,249 feet of Sewer Pipes. That’s 18.61 miles. In the Wastewater Community, this network of pipes is referred to as the “Collection System”. Throughout the community of San Andreas, the Collection System pipes range in diameter from 4-inch lateral lines all the way up to 24-inch trunk lines. Maintaining this vast network of pipes is a large responsibility.

If you locate a sewer leak or overflow, unusual odors or any other sewer related issue that does not seem normal, please call our main office at (209) 754-3281. We have a 24-hour answering service that will contact one of our Operators anytime, day or night.


Here is a breakdown of the Collection System network, organized by pipe diameter:

  • 4-inch pipe: 10,114 feet
  • 6-inch pipe: 65,299 feet
  • 8-inch pipe: 17,785 feet
  • 10-inch pipe: 1,792 feet
  • 12-inch pipe: 2,481 feet
  • 14-inch pipe: 332 feet
  • 24-inch pipe: 446 feet___

Total:                   98,249 Feet