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Letter to Jeanine Townsend, Clerk to the California State Water Resources Control Board Central Valley Region

Hugh Logan District Manager DIRECTORS Robert W. Applegate Erie Don Young Michelle Turner Terral Strange Todd Fischer Board, On behalf of the San Andreas Sanitary District (SASD), I thank the Board for giving consideration to disadvantaged communities in the updated Intended Use Plan. We support the Board’s efforts to allow greater project grants for disadvantaged […]

Calaveras Enterprise: San Andreas residents tour wastewater treatment plant

Residents of San Andreas on April 30 toured the unincorporated community’s wastewater treatment facility. San Andreas Sanitary District Manager Hugh Logan reported that more than 45 residents came out for the event. Logan said many had never before seen the facility. “Touring a wastewater plant is an eye-opening experience, and residents got to see how […]

March 2016 SASD News

YOU’RE INVITED TO TOUR THE WASTEWATER PLANT Saturday April 30TH 675 Gold Oak Road Time: 8:00 – 1:00 Tours last about 30 mins and depart at the top and bottom of each hour. Touring a functioning wastewater treatment plant is an eye-opening experience. Come visit with our Plant Operators and take a walk around the […]

December 2015 SASD News

Elementary School Outreach This fall, the District enjoyed hosting the 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from the Elementary School. During a classroom visit, we taught about the importance of wastewater treatment to the community. About 110 kids came out to the plant for a tour of the Laboratory, the Heavy Equipment, and the Treatment Plant. […]

February 2015 SASD News

Winter Office Hours Beginning January 20th, our office hours changed and we are open for business from 8:30 till 3:30, Monday thru Thursday. Please remember we have a secure drop box at the main gate. We’ve also added a drop box outside the office door, in case the gate is open but the office is […]

December 2014 SASD News

New Staff We are happy to welcome Hugh Logan as District Manager. Hugh and his wife, Sheri, moved to Valley Springs earlier this year and have six children and two grandkids. Hugh is a Grade V Operator, a Grade 2 Water Operator, a certified Project Management Professional, a certified Instructor, and is an advisor to […]