Areas Served

The Sanitary District provides wastewater (aka, sewage) collection, treatment, and disposal services to properties within District boundaries in the unincorporated community of San Andreas. The District is not responsible for zoning or land use planning for its service area. Those responsibilities rest with the County of Calaveras and are presented in the County’s General Plan for the greater San Andreas community area. The District is responsible for 1) providing lawful sewer service for existing residences and businesses within the District’s service area, 2) collecting fees from said residences and businesses to provide lawful sewer service (and thereby sustain the usability and value of said residences and businesses), and 3) having some form of plan in place that describes, roughly, how the District proposes to serve possible new developments within its service area as allowed by the General Plan, should any or all of that development occur. It is important to recognize that the proponents of development within the District’s service area, not the District’s existing constituency (i.e., the existing residences and businesses), are required to pay for facilities needed to serve proponents’ developments. In other words, the possibility of growth in the service area, as planned by the County, does not create any material financial liability for the District or its constituency.

San Andreas Sanitary District Area Map