2017 Annual Elementary School Tour and Art Contest

This years Elementary School Tour was held on September 8, 2017. The tour included hands-on laboratory activities, equipment demonstrations, hands-on tools and maintenance demonstration, a tour of the treatment plant and a Q and A session where the kids had a chance to ask our staff questions about the world of wastewater treatment. The Students, School and Sanitary District Staff all had a wonderful time learning and educating about the importance of wastewater treatment and all that it involves.


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We also held the annual Calendar Art Contest. This years theme is “Give Water a Second Chance”. The students submitted artwork related to watershed conservation. All students received and 2017 Calendar. The winner of the contest received a prize and was formally recognized at the following Board of Directors meeting. We would like to thank San Andreas Elementary School for helping make this fun day possible.


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Thank you! From the staff at San Andreas Sanitary District.